My name is Cristiane Abreu and I am an independent Marketing Consultant; I specialized in Web Developer and Web Marketing Analyst. I am passionate in regards to my dedication to deliver digital marketing plans with innovative strategies that will boost your website’s rank on search engine results pages.

One thing that I like about this field is seeing my clients happy with their numbers-driven results. I just re-built my website, I am very excited about it, and I can help you realize your internet presence, as well. I have been delivering quality Search Engine & Website Optimization to friends and small businesses.

My skills as a WordPress developer and SEO Analyst are evident in my work and the results I bring to my clients. Along with my internet skills, I also offer strong work ethics, reliability, and high quality service.

My prices are among the best in the area, so you can afford to hire one of the best. My honesty, good reputation, and hard work speak for itself. I believe that an online presence is very important for the small business owner. Whether you sell hand-made jewelry or million-dollar real estate, you must generate traffic. You can have the best products and services available anywhere on earth, but if no one knows you are there, you will not sell anything.

That is where I come in. There are many factors to website optimization and search engine optimization. I will help you develop a professional website that pays for itself. Grow your online presence and attract prospective customers today at an affordable price.

These are the facts:

“Organic vs. Paid Search Results: Organic Wins 94% of Time”Search Engine Watch

What that means to you is free in this case is much, much better than paid.

“91% of Internet users search for purchasing information every month.”Pew Research

Three-fourth of internet searchers never go to the second search engine results page (SERP). “The top 5 results get 75% of the clicks!”Hubspot Insider SEO Facts

Once again, SEO used properly will net results in the bottom line, which is profit! More than 90 percent of internet users will conduct a search for something they need every month, on average. 75 percent of those searchers will click on one of the top 5 results. Therefore, in order to be profitable, your business must be listed in the top 5. The good news is that include local SEO, when you optimize your site based on local cities, towns, and landmarks, you bring the searchers to you.

“82 percent of the purchases made online, started with a search entry.” McKinsey & Company

Someone wants a pair of running shoes and types running shoes in Google and Joe’s Running Shoes and Apparel came up in the top 5 of the search results, the potential client clicks that link, finds their shoes, and orders them.

I have been providing my clients with Keywords that offer low competition and high volume for nearly ten years. I install and activate the WordPress plugin for SEO Yoast, an easy to use plugin that millions are already using to get proven results with SEO. Simply stated, I have the knowledge, experience, and motivation to put your website in the top 5 of Google, Bing and other search engines results pages.


Hire me to set everything up for you to be successful and profitable in a short period of time.

Even if you do not have a website yet, just an inspiration is all it takes. I will set up your WordPress website with the best theme for your business; the plugins you need to make it work for you and make it is easy to maintain.

If you have any questions, give me a call in Charlotte 704-891-4329, send me an email, or fill out the contact form to get started with an internet presence that will get you noticed.

These are some of the skills I will put to work for you:

  • Ø Website Designer
  • Ø Website Design, Development, Creation, and Management
  • Ø SEO – Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Ø Certified with Web CEO for Internet Marketing (Web CEO is a cloud-based SEO solution for websites)
  • Ø Social Media Management
  • Ø Online Reputation Management